Fertilize Your Future!

tasting some watermelon

tasting some watermelon

Making a difference, little by little!

In the slums of Guatemala City, Byoearth and Junkabal are working together to erradicate extreme poverty via Vermiculture.

Guatemala’s accelerated process of urbanization, industrial growth and modification of consumption patterns, have originated a disorganized increment on solid waste generation.

With unappropriate infraestructure and no financial capacity to manage solid waste,  communities that live in slum areas are vulnerable to the negative impacts that solid waste cause (health issues, environmental issues….and many more)

Our main benefficiaries are women, house wifes that live in the slums of  Guatemala´s  city dump hole in  z.3.  With the support of a national non profit organization that works in the slum area, Junkabal, we use appropiate infrastructures for skill transfering on vermiculture, business qualification, hygiene and health training that will upgrade their quality of life.skill transfering

5 families have received micro credit, using Grameen’s Bank model, to support their economic development with an economic income produced by a small business.

Eulalia Fransisco, Slum dweller in Z.3

Eulalia's Worm CribClaudia & Family:  recycling degradable waste at homeTurning tra$h into Gold…


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