A Wormderful Adventure

Worms have always had a way to take me to the most amazing adventures in Guatemala and around the world, sometimes its hard to communicate all the power and magic that worms and the whole vermicomposting process has.

The past years have been full of blessed field work and they have helped Byoearth to take its next steps and scale up. Nevertheless, to scale up one often needs mentors and advisers with the right vision and in the “worm world”  that might  be a bit challenging….but not impossible.

One of my mentors of the past months has been Cathy Nesbitt, founder of Cathys Crawling Composters, a company based in Canada that has successfully mastered the art of vermicomposting. Cathy and I met through twitter and we made such a great connection that courageously she decided to come to Guatemala and embark on a worm adventure with the groups of women that Byoearth has been working for the past year.

Cathy will be producing a video summarizing her two weeks in rural and urban Guatemala that is going to be fantastic!

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