“A worm bin in every home”

worm dreams come true

Microsoft once dreamed of a computer in every home,  at Byoearth, wee dream with a worm bin in every home and we are making this real by starting in Guatemalas city slum area. We have been working in this interesting and challenging area for more than two years now. And we feel proud. Proud to encourage women living under vulnerable conditions to struggle and to learn new skills that can become a sustainable livelihood. Vermiculture and vermicomposting has taught them that it is possible to help themselves and the environment with withe power of worms. Thanks to the support of 10 volunteers from a local university, our most promising vermicomposters have now a worm bin / worm kit, to produce at home. Some of them already had worm bins at home, but now they get to duplicate their production.

We are passing from vision to action, with love and passion for Guatemala, worms and the environment! 🙂

xoxo Maria

See our pictures and like our page on facebook:  http://on.fb.me/lLZTPT


2 thoughts on ““A worm bin in every home”

  1. I am having difficulty maintaining my compost bin because it seems that it is too congested with all the dump I placed. I want to know how much and what kind of food I should place in the bin. Thanks for your help! – Michelle

    1. Hello there!! All you need to do is moderate the amount of food you are feeding to your worms. You should not exceed the amount you give them by two inches above the worms and only feed them on one side so that worms can start eating whenever they feel the food is composted enough and to keep the oxygen coming. I call it a natural exit for worms. (if you have a small worm bin). Another way to calculate the amount of food to feed them is by calculating your worm population, if you have lets say 1000 worms, then you can calculate that they will eat 1000 grams per day of food (approx). Hope this helps, let us know!

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