Byoearth as one of the worlds UNREASONABLE entrepreneurial ideas!

Dear friends and wormers,

We want to share important news with you:

Entrepreneurs from over 60 countries vied for the 25 slots available to attend the 2011 Unreasonable Institute. After conducting over 100 interviews, the Unreasonable team has narrowed it down to 45 exceptional finalists. Now, in a true test of their entrepreneurial mettle, each of these finalists face one final challenge before becoming Unreasonable Fellows: galvanizing the globe to raise the $8,000 it costs to attend the Unreasonable Institute.

The first 25 finalists to raise $8,000 , for a total of $200,000, will be chosen to attend. And the decision lies in your hands. Head to the Unreasonable Institute’s Finalist Marketplace and join one million people across the globe to vote with your dollars for an entrepreneur you believe might change the course of history.

In order to enhance the challenge, the Unreasonable Institute has imposed contribution caps, starting with $10 in  week  one  and  increasing  incrementally.  In  addition  to  preventing  single  underwriters  from  providing  full funding,  the  caps  force  finalists  to  mobilize  the  support  of  hundreds  of  people  from  around  the  world, mandating creative marketing, effective storytelling and  the power of social media  to garner support  for  their ideas. In  2010,  the  inaugural  year  of  the  Unreasonable  Institute,  entrepreneurs  raised  over  $160,000  in  the Marketplace from nearly 3,000 supporters across 130 countries.“We  believe  that  absolutely  everyone  can make  an  impact,  and  the Marketplace  is  a manifestation  of  that belief,” continued Epstein. “We encourage people  to visit  the Marketplace and  leave  their mark on  the world, whether it is through a Facebook post, watching a video or donating $10 to an entrepreneur whose idea struck a chord.”Donors have an opportunity  to  test out  their own  social marketing  savvy  through a gaming element: a donor receives one point for every dollar contributed and two points for every dollar that is contributed as a result of sharing their vote via social media. Top point earners receive prize bundles from HP, which has come on board this  year  as  the  Unreasonable  Institute’s  first  corporate  partner  and  as  part  of  the  company’s  longstanding support  of  entrepreneurship.  In  addition  to  the  prizes,  HP  is  contributing  a  scholarship  fund  for  the entrepreneurs and providing technology through which the entrepreneurs can tell their stories and ideas. “HP believes in the transformative power of technology and entrepreneurship to tackle some of the world’s largest social issues,” said Wayne Surdam, vice president of Media and Influencer Relations, Personal Systems Group, HP. “The Unreasonable Marketplace is an incredible platform for high‐impact social entrepreneurs to scale their ideas and connect with the world.

Yes… a Guatemalan social venture is included in the 45 unreasonable entrepreneurs, we need to prove this unreasonable idea, scale up and connect Guatemala and Worms as a tool for development in the world.

Help us please:


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