Can kitchen waste inspire a new year resolution?

Why not? Kitchen waste is just a vehicle to exploreone of natures precious gifts, worms that recycle degradable waste, also known as vermicomposting or vermiculture.

Kitchen waste is constantly being generated and must be disposed of, right?

With vermicomposting, worms and micro-organisms to turn kitchen waste into a “black, earthy-smelling, nutrient-rich humus.”

For starters, you only need three things:

1. Green waste (from you kitchen or garden)
2. A worm bin (with worms, of course…)
3. Your love, care and enthusiasm.

Heres a quick  overview on vermicomposting at your house:

Many internet sites quote the author of Worms Eat My Garbage, Mary Appelhof, who suggests weighing your household food waste for one week, and then measure its volume to find an adequate space. Mary suggests that bins need to be shallow because the worms feed in the top layers of the bedding. At the same time, your worms will need to be in comfortable bedding. A bin that is too deep is not as efficient and could potentially become an odor problem.

“Worm boxes can be purchased or made. Plastic storage containers are convenient and come in a variety of sizes. These containers are easily transported and are a nice alternative to heavier wood bins. Many people choose to have several small bins as opposed to one heavier, large wood bin. Small bins work best in homes, apartments and school classrooms. They are easy to tuck under desks, place below kitchen sinks and keep out of the way in laundry rooms.” Reference:

Think about it.. worms can change your mind and introduce you to green living.



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