Rework the world via Vermiculture

Is vermiculture considered as an action to rework the world?

Apparently… Yes. On June Byoearth was represented in Leskand, se, at the “Global YES (youth, entrepreneurship &sustainability) Conference, Rework the World”, to discuss with a powerful audience how vermiculture applied to agriculture ensures long term health of people and land without huge outlays of capital.

Vermicomposting and vermiculture help the vulnerable populations to address important issues such as food security and environmental pollution. Part of Byoearth´s mission is to enable users to generate valuable products out of waste; solid organic fertilizer,worm tea fertilizer and worms themselves. Vermiculture and vermicomposting are opportunity to make sustainable livelihood out of waste. Economic, social and environmental impact can come directly from worms & waste.

Byoearth found inspiration in an uncommon source, worms. Promoting the use of  vermiculture in urban and rural areas, creating a scalable model for villages all around the world, is part of our vision.

flicker gallery:

Heres a link to a great video of the conference


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