NC State University’s 10th Annual Vermiculture Conference

For the past ten years, North Carolina State University, has hosted the Annual Vermiculture Conference, along with the Biological & Agricultural Engineering department. This year, 100 worm experts from different states and five countries where gathered in Raleigh, NC  state to discus the wonderful world of worms from a scientific, a business and a social point of view. The two day agenda covered important themes such as:

– The principles of Vermicomposting, The status of vermicomposting in North America, raising and selling worms, commercial scale vermicomposting, mid scale, closed loop vermicomposting and worm husbandry, effects of vermicompost on plant growth, applications, and many other themes.

Byoearth had the opportunity to share with such expert audience some of the experience obtained in Fertilize Your Future project. The one hour talk was a total success! Some of the content I shared with my colleagues was under the theme “Fostering entrepreneurship and social change via vermiculture in Guatemala”.  I discussed how Vermiculture & Vermicomposting is a sustainable livelihood for women living in extreme poverty, who value the waste that the city generates like gold. Also, how the project has acted as an arena where social change meets vermiculture, generating a light at the end of a tunnel for one of Guatemala’s most vulnerable communities.  The technical challenges that we face were also presented and great input was received.

Sharing the positive social change that can be achieved with vermiculture gave the conference a new perspective on how vermiculture is used in developing countries.

Guest speakers at NC state


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