Envisioning Urban Vermiculture

On Tuesday October 20, we traveled to an industrial vermiculture production plant located in the highlands of Antigua Guatemala, right below the Acatenango Volcano surrounded by other two volcanoes, San Sebastian.

Agua Volcano

Beneficiaries of the project “Fertilize Your Future” where very excited to travel thirty minutes from the city slums to enjoy a beautiful scenery in rural Guatemala.  We received a vermiculture skill building session in the production plant and learned many important things to have in mind when we expand the project in the next months.


Most of the participants in the project are vermiculturers and produce in their homes using degradable waste found in the city dump or in their kitchen. So, visiting an industrial production plant in a rural area near the city helped the group build a wider vision on the urban vermiculture we are working on. Practicing vermiculture in the urban area is much more challenging than practicing it in the rural area. To start, space is limited in the urban areas (specially in the slum area!) and one has to be more careful on the composting process (don’t want to attract mosquitoes or bad smells). Nevertheless, observing how vermiculture is done in an wide open space in the rural area of Guatemala was a terrific experience that helped us build our vision of making urban vermiculture a success.

Guatemala city might be crowded, but there is still room for our worms!

“Fertilize your Future” is aware of it, and will make the most of the space we find in the city!


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