Promoting vermiculture in the rural area

Proyecto Fomenta, invited me to promote vermiculture to a group of women living in poverty. The project was founded in 2007 by a group of young Guatemalan professionals. Today a group of more than 20 volunteers work in the project located in “Aldea Tres Pinos”, La Union, Zacapa, in Guatemala.

Rural vermiculture
Promoting vermiculture in one day was not an easy task, its a continuous process of learning. Women were interested in vermiculture but at the same time they were considering  different types of rural enterprises to generate an economic income.


4 thoughts on “Promoting vermiculture in the rural area

  1. hello. Im trying to teach a few people in a small town in Mexico how to vermiculture. Do you have any suggestions for the type of worm to use here?

    1. Hello! Thats great, congratulations. The most common worm you will find there would be the red worm, Eisenia foetida. Let me know what part of Mexico so that I can send you a good reference of a provider. Regards!

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