Partnering to achieve social change

Being a small organization with B I G goals is challenging. Until today we have been planting seeds, small acorns. To “fertilize” this seeds we have partnered with local organizations. One of this organizations is Junkabal. From 1963 to 2009, Junkabal has gained the respect and confidence of a very particular population. Economically depressed and environmentally stressed. A fringe area, zone 3 of Guatemala City, where the lack of formal employment and opportunities marginalize various communities. Recently, glue sniffers have taken over some areas near Junkabal. This situation makes Byoearth´s and Junkabal´s efforts a bigger challenge. Nevertheless, our combined passion enlightens each day as we see how beneficiaries adopt nature´s kind creatures: red worms.

enjoying skill building class

enjoying skill building class

As we keep preaching health and development through raising red worms, the environment around us also gets enlightened by student efforts such as the team of SIFE.

Their mission of bringing together the top leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better more sustainable world through the positive power of business, blends perfectly with our vision.

SIFE student discussing micro enterprise with Eulalia

SIFE student discussing micro enterprise with Eulalia

To achieve this, they implemented a micro credit model, inspired by Grameen bank’s model.

Other student (volunteer) efforts are the Chef faculty and the communication faculty. The Chef group practice their learnings obtained in their school by teaching our beneficiaries creative and economically feasible ways to cook healthy meals.

Chef Andrea

Communication faculty will be working on a strategical campaign to increase domestic waste recycling in the slums of zone 3.


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